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friday programme


thank you for choosing to attend a sense of place: arts, enterprise and placemaking on friday 3rd november.

You can find the programme details for events happening on Friday 3rd November on this page. Please note that you will need to RSVP to some of these events.

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friday registration



from 2.30pm - 3.30pm conference hub, postgraduate centre ground floor


from 4pm - 7pm art and design building

tea and coffee will be available on arrival.

if you would like to make yourself aware of the conference hub and the venue of the conference you are more than welcome to register at the earlier time of 2.30pm - 3.30pm. You will then be escorted to the venue for the evening event at 3.45pm.

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welcoming keynote


welcoming keynote: professor helen bailey, executive dean of academic partnerships and the university of bedfordshire and testbeds project director

4.30pm - 4.45pm art and design building

Executive Dean of Academic Partnerships and testbeds project director Professor Helen Bailey will officially launch the conference.


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keynote speeches


keynote: hedley swain, area director - south east, arts council england

from 4.45pm - 5.15pm art and design building

South East Area Director Hedley Swain will present a keynote speech exploring the arts council's investment in Luton and their role in placemaking in England.


keynote: trevor holden, luton borough council

from 5.15pm - 5.45pm art and design building

Chief Executive of Luton Borough Council Trevor Holden will present a keynote speech exploring the role of arts and culture within placemaking in Luton. He will introduce the council's new Strategic Vision for the Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries in Luton 2017-2027, and identify how the strategy works within the council's Luton Investment Framework - an ambitious £1.5 billion investment for major town-wide transformation. 


welcome to the school of art and design

5.45pm art and design building

Head of School for Art and Design Hedley Roberts will welcome delegates to the School of Art and Design.  


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dinner reception


dinner reception

from 6pm - 8pm art and design building

Dinner and drinks will be provided, and attendees are invited to meet the TestBeds artists and visit artist Gayle Storey's installation 'Small Talk'. There will also be a rolling presentation of 'Estate', a short film by Natalie Lee.


Please RSVP to this event


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performance: castaways


performance: castaways

from 8pm - 9pm the hat gallery, the hat factory

Mandala Theatre Company presents excerpts of their new play Castaways by Atiha Sen Gupta, which explores young people's experiences of connection or lack of connection from the communities that they have grown up in and the consequences of their choices. Sitting within a wider political framework where radicalisation of young communities’ consistently hits the headlines, Mandala’s new show is politically engaging and socially in tune with the experiences many young people from diverse cultures face, growing up in today's’ Britain.


friday installations and exhibitions


exhibition: more than 100 stories

all day campus centre gallery

More Than 100 Stories is a digital collection of texts and images responding to the stories, achievements and learning of the Creative People and Places programme 2013-2016. The collection is built around ten key themes: confidence, decision-making, failure, language, local, partnership, people, taste, time and trust, which arose out of the artists’ period of research.

Created by writer Sarah Butler and artist Nicole Mollett, this work comes from conversations, observations and visits to the 21 CPP projects across England.



installation: small talk

from 4pm - 8pm art and design building

Gone are the days when people just chat on the phone; over the garden fence, on the sofa or other nostalgic domestic routines we have established within our social structures.

For many people, engaging with a 'past time' of sitting in a armchair, talking to a loved one on the phone has been lost. This special time may have disappeared for some, having been invaded by our busy and time-filled days.

Has the Internet and social media got something to do with the spread of non-vocal communication? Is our imagination true to reality? This interactive installation opens this opportunity to re-engage the public through converse.

Learn more about artist Gayle Storey


presentation: estate

from 4pm – 4.30pm and from 6.30pm – 8.30pm art and design building

Estate was shot on the Hillock Estate in Whitefield, Manchester. The film is about memory, home, grief, and our attachment to the built environment. It's about journeys, pathways, and knowing the streets like the back of your hand. The film was originally made in 2014 as part of a 45 minute solo performance of the same name. This performance was a storytelling of the council estate where the artist grew up and was told through the eleven different bus stops that exist in the vicinity.

The performance confronted the stigmatisation of social housing and discussed the personal complexities of being an 'estate person'; the dichotomies of pride/shame, attachment/distance.

A film by Natalie Lee

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