meet the artists


artist accelerator cohort

artist accelerator is a 12-month incubator programme for early-career, Luton-based creative practitioners of any discipline. Inspired by the tech industry start-up model, the programme will accelerate careers and push artists to develop their practice into thriving enterprises.


Caroline Wallace

Caroline is a curator and artist, passionate about photography and working with artists and communities in Luton.

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Debra Knight

Debra is the CEO of the Queen's Award winning NINE RED Presents, and a spoken word and digital artist focused on social change.

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David Murphy

David is a conductor, composer and Musical Director of Luton-based Sinfonia Verdi.

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Jamie Newell

Jamie is a creative life and adventure photographer and videographer born and raised in Luton.

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Moriam Grillo

Moriam is an award-winning international artist who studied Ceramics at the University of Westminster, and has been working with clay for twenty years.

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Mary Hearne

Mary is a Luton-based textile and mixed media artist, focusing on social commentary and satire as well as her own experiences living and working in Luton.

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Nicola Moody

Nicola has been building her practice as a Luton-based fine art textile artist.

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Oz Azubuine

Oz is the founder of Ozzlebox, which was founded as an open-mic platform for the promotion and inclusion of creative art forms into mainstream society through engaging, interactive, fun activities for people of all ages.

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Shakira Francis & Shelana Azora

Shakira Francis & Shelana Azora are the founding members of Gurls Du Filme, a production company aimed at promoting BAME women in film.

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catalyst co-lab cohort

catalyst co-lab is a 12-month research and development programme for mid-career artists of any discipline. With a thematic focus on collaborative practices and partnership working, artists explore their practice in the context of the artist as a catalyst for change, placemaker or global citizen.


Andy Abbott

Andy is an artist, writer and musician based in Bradford. He holds a practice-led PhD from University of Leeds with a thesis on socially engaged art and self-organised culture.

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Adam York Gregory & Gillian Jane Lees

Gillian and Adam's practice seeks to explore the notion of 'the imagined ideal' through collaborative tensions, subjective performance, documentation and observation. 

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Nicole Mollett

Nicole's practice includes drawing, painting, sculpture and performance.

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Gayle Storey

Gayle is a British fine artist whose paintings and prints evoke a sense of beauty.

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