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an innovative arts incubator for artists and creative practitioners

testbeds is informed by current entrepreneurship practices in the commercial start-up and technology industries. By immersing artists and creative practitioners in a University-led hothouse for creative innovation, testbeds pushes them to consider the social, economic, environmental and technological contexts that impact their work. Ideas incubation, partnership creation and business skills-development all aid artists in considering their practice in entrepreneurial contexts to inform new creative businesses.

Artists explore their practice in the context of the placemaker in Luton: examining how their work can help shape and define this super-diverse town. testbeds positions Luton as the centre for the creative industries in Bedfordshire. It cultivates a thriving economy in Luton and enables artists to build successful creative enterprises that benefit Luton economically, creatively and socially.

testbeds brings choreographers, musicians, designers, theatre-makers, visual artists and writers together in a collaborative incubator for arts innovation. Artists of all backgrounds will significantly increase their capacity to affect real change on the community of Luton and work as placemakers, global citizens and catalyst for change.

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To learn more about the testbeds 2017 cohort, click here.


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