Graphic Novel for Luton


Workshops are free to take part in.Children must be accompanied by an adult. Participants can take home their artworks.

Saturday & Sunday, 22nd & 23rd June

12-4pm, Little Red Creative Studios 32a George St, Luton LU12AZ

Saturday 6th July

12-6pm , High Town Festival, we will have a stall as part of the festival on the High Street.

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WRITERS’ BRIEF - Graphic Novel for Luton, 2019

Deadline 1st July 2019

Fee £250/text

Length 500 -2000 words


LUTON - Texts must contain some clear connection/ relevance to Luton town centre or the surrounding suburbs. Recognisable landmarks, people or places.


Those submitting texts can be local or non-local writer (with local knowledge/research). Individual writers do not need to be currently living in Luton to create a story.


2000 copies will be printed and distributed around Luton, with a further free digital distribution. Each writer/contributor will get at least 10 printed copies.


Nicole Mollett will create the drawings. Writer are asked to provide clear descriptions of characters and places. Photos of people & places and/or address details will help her create the drawings.


nicole mollett