Bio Reading Wrest Park 12th April 2018


Wrest Park is on Luton’s doorstep. Having lived in Luton most of my life, I am thankful that the public voted via my poll for me to visit this site. Strangely enough I have never been here before, which seems like a secret that has been kept from me for so long, however not anymore! English Heritage who own Wrest Park,  have a wealth of activities planned over the coming months, George and the dragon,  brass bands and just experiencing the house and the grounds is a real treat. I will definitely be returning over the summer months, next time with my family.

The Orangery now stands on the site of the former green house, Thomas Earl De grey built the Orangery in 1830. A fire place from the early residence stand in the centre as you enter the building from the middle doors. The Family emblem can be seen in carved Wyverns (a winged two-legged dragon with a barbed tail) they can be found all around the garden and within the estate. The Wyverns can be linked to Vauxhall Cars, for  in 1948 a medium-sized family car the Vauxhall Wyvern was  introduced as a successor to the Vauxhall 12.  This may have come from the mythical creature the wyvern or linked to the cress from Wrest park, or a misidentification of the Griffin.