Bio Reading Wardown House 11th April 2018

Today the 11th April 2018

I spent the day in Wardown House in the Library Room. 

The house now contains the collections of Luton Museum. In 1905 the house was purchased by the council and was opened to the public. Mayor of Luton, Asher Hucklesby opened the house. The current  house has been refurbished and demonstrates great interactive multi sensory ways of connecting with history, bringing life and dynamism to the stories and memories of the past. The house holds a vast array of artefacts from a ZX Spectrum, Honey Monster, mock up Pub to a mummified cat!

New interactive smart screens to engage curious minds is about to be launched, very high tech and great to see an MA student from the University of Bedfordshire working to improve and set this up.


Very beautiful and exquisite French prisoner of war work made of animal bone and wood. The prisoners of war during the French Revolution, early 1800’s, were often skilled craftsmen, in producing these wonderful carved intricate toys and game sets. They would sell them in exchange for food, alcohol or more materials. It’s interesting to see that even then, artists were selling wonderful artwork just to live, things don’t change even today!


Oh and finally there is a mouse in the house ! for all your little one to find !