Bio Reading The Mall Luton Friday 13th 2018


The Bio Readings for Darwin's Orchestra continues on the road and I must say I am rather flagging a bit, setting up installation after installation . The fog is not at bad as yesterday but still not that sunny! But the plants are moving if that be very slightly, they are making marks ! Forgot my glasses so very happy to be in The Mall so I could pick a cheap pair to continue recording. 


I have some fond memories of The Mall, (the Arndale). My first ever memories of the wonderful Pink Flamingos with water and coins being thrown at them., and yes they had water very exotic.  

Thanks to Steven Whiting for image, I took it from his past exhibition in the storefront X

Thanks to Steven Whiting for image, I took it from his past exhibition in the storefront X

I can remember my dad buying me my very first Action Man from the indoor Market, I was rather a bit of a tomboy, but I blame that on my dad for not having a son and felt the burden to try and help him overcome this.

Oh and the Patties, they still are amazing hot, clouds of delight, but rather bad for ones figure they can be found at several stalls in the Market, but I have my own favourite,  

As you walk through The Mall, the floor slightly moves. This is due to the perpetual motion of the visitors walking through the space and is only apparent when you stop! Thankfully my Bio observation is currently installed down the far end of the mall opposite St Mary's Church.  If you really want to understand Lutonians  then one ritual would be to visit Robbys tea Room, located  on the second Floor this is a must visit and is still a tradition here in Luton to take a sandwich and a cup of tea. 


The Mall continues to hold imaginative and creative events, having performances from Imagine Luton, Street Festival in June. To currently holding a trail for the 'Battle for Brick Kingdom', sculpted Lego forms that quite frankly dominated the space, and took first choice with most of the children visiting the centre today. Ending Monday so don't miss it.