Bio Reading St Mary's Church Luton 10th April 2018


St Marys Church 10th April

What can I say, it was fantastic!

I guess you could say, that I can’t stand arguing and on that note, I will not be discussing politics or religions, just the aesthetics of the space. So it turns outs that I have been to St Mary’s Church in Luton before. Many years ago in primary school, when interactive school trips allowed you to touch rub and basically physically interact with what every you wanted, be that if it was historically listed or not. 

What a hidden gem for Luton! Let’s just say that from the outside, the Church looks dark and has  a black and white checkered chess board exterior, which looks austere and unfriendly. But wait till you get inside, which can only be described as a spectacle for the eyes.  Such contrast between light and colour. The stained glass windows are outstanding, demonstrating different styles from traditional  to contemporary . With such range of vivid colours and high quality detail, showing texture, colour and depth of form. 


The large scale impressive commissioned window ‘The Magnifical’  by Artist Alan Younger commissioned in 1979, is illuminating. Alan was trained at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London, other commissions included window in Durham Cathedral, the Great West Window in Tamworth, see leaflet provided by the church. This is one to visit with ample room and great historical reference throughout the Church.  Alan also was commissioned to design the lighting fixtures throughout the building and they were made at Vauxhalls. The lighting designs which are influence by Charles Rennie Mackintosh where taken from the one of the stained glass windows with the Church. 



If you can find the Plague Chapel, yes it was used to keep the riffraff out (well the diseased)  you might notice the metal bars, they look very familiar to that of the keys used in Harry Potter, to unlock one of the bank vaults! 


The organ is an amazing system to behold with trumpets projecting out of the wall, reminiscent of a modern art installation, They make you want to hear a fanfare, which is in keeping with the contemporary window.  The Baptismal font is breathtaking, one of only  6 in existence in the entire world. I was informed that an American University came over just to see it and 3D scanned it. So knowing life, I bet you might see a copy of it  in Las Vegas the next time you visit!  However, the detail to the font is outstanding, with decorations that could only be described as high class fondant! The stone looks like its been whipped and has kept a fluidity to the stone. What creative mastery of the materials, demonstrating such understanding and line, it’s just incredible. 


I have been here a day and despite the cold, I continue to see new intricacies and features. This place is full of historic works, that show craftsmanship at its best. It make you marvel at mans’ ability to control and master the making process and the patience needed to create this level of work. Oh , but what we need are people with money to invest in the arts to bring back this level of commitment that can leave such legacies for the next generation.


Inspiring place,  if you are in the vicinity, the inside of this building is so much better than the outside, just take a look!