Darwin's Bio Orchestra 12 Locations Revealed

Following places Visited and Dates : Times may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

7th April Storefront Luton culture 11- 4 pm 


9th Stockwood Discovery park  9- 5pm

10th St Mary’s Church Luton 10pm- 5.30pm

11th Wardown House 9 - 5.00 pm

12th Wrest Park 9.30 - 5pm 

13th The Mall Luton 9-5 pm

14th  Weather Dependant Someries Castle 

17th Luton Hoo Estate 8 - 6pm

20th L&D Hospital 9 - 6 pm 

21st Town Hall 9- 6 pm 

22nd Luton Airport the viewing area

23rd  Luton Town Football Club