What does Luton Look like?

At the end of my last blog I asked the internet some questions...and so the internet replied!


Question 1: What does Luton look like?

This apparently...


Question 2: Does the place reflect the people?

"I think people reflect the place. The idea that the town affects the people sounds like an excuse for not doing something about the issue of urban blight. it's the people's responsibility"

Question 3: How does walking through Luton make you feel?

" I tend to walk the same old walk...it is familiar...it's time to mull things over and meditate!...Luton is home, so apart from wearing slippers outside, I don't think I could feel more assured!"

 Question 4: Does Luton's Urban environment ever affect your mental state?

"Even on a short urban journey we can encompass a rich patchwork of living experiences...being surrounded by skyscrapers or forests can be imposing in very similar ways...The familiar, even urban, environment can relax us if it is like an 'old friend'.


Thank you internet....

now to the studio...I feel some art coming on!