Installing the show

It is now Sunday 26th February.

I have spent some time alerting various Facebook groups about the forthcoming exhibition, which share a leaning toward the social history of Luton.  What these Facebook communities provide is a forum for discussion on predominantly personal memories and artefacts from life in the town.  This will hopefully be the case with the exhibition too, but with the additional facet of having a physical place in which to do this, and with the vital aspect of meeting in person with a variety of groups and individuals.  Visitors to the show will be encouraged to utilise a submission service where they can contribute to the show and 'grow' it with their own memorabilia.  By the end of April it should have multiplied in size, as I will be over-seeing the submissions.  Is this not then a 'Facebook page', but in real format?

The Storefront Space has been my temporary residence since Wednesday 22nd Feb.  This was the day I unloaded all the items for the exhibition, starting to position pieces in the various corners and on the sections of wall space of what was once a hat factory showroom.  

It is a great space which I am attempting to use in its entirety, highlighting some of the architectural details such as the central pillar.  The window areas are very spacious and will prove to be a real asset to the show.

The installation days Thursday and Friday proved to be very busy, with a bustling atmosphere in Bute Street, as the sister show "The World Is Not Beautiful" by John Myers was simultaneously going up in the Hat Factory's 'Gateway' gallery.

Throughout this entire project, I have received outstanding support from Matthew, Sammy, Paul, and Megan.  From leaflets, labels and banners, to the installation itself, it has been a real group effort.  When 6 o'clock Friday night arrived, we were at such a point where we knew that next week's activities will be cosmetic.  We have a delivery of vinyl banners for the windows to consider on Monday, then a chance to wander across the road to see the John Myers work.  


Not wishing to give too much away before Tuesday's Opening Event, (6-9pm Tuesday 28th February), I have included some photographs of my 'sentinels'.  The plastic, orange, 1970s glow that I am looking for will receive some extra illumination from a pair of 'Rocket-style' standard lamps.  

As these images hopefully show, visitors to Bute Street around about dusk will not be able to miss the tangerine dream that we have on offer.