TestBeds Demo Week 2017


Announcing TestBeds Demo Week 2017!

The University of Bedfordshire is proud to present Demo Week: a week of public events where TestBeds artists will share their development to date and engage audiences in discussion about how arts and culture are helping to define Luton.

TestBeds brings local, early-career creative practitioners together with internationally-renowned artists and immerses them in a hothouse for creative innovation. The project focuses on developing artists from diverse backgrounds as placemakers - enhancing their capacity to make a lasting difference to Luton and spearheading innovative, cross-disciplinary research into the employment of arts & culture as catalysts for change.

Demo Week is a chance to engage with the creative process and help shape the future of a diverse range of interdisciplinary projects. The programme is packed with 20+ hours of works-in-progress, discussions, pitches, workshops and exhibitions spanning live art, photography, dance, theatre and public art. Artists will introduce the public to the ways in which their creative practice intersects with a range of interdisciplinary research topics including life sciences & biology,  medicine, placemaking & urban development, social inclusion, preservation and psychology.


Monday 8th - Friday 12th May 2017

University of Bedfordshire Luton Campus

The full programme is available here .

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Artwork (left to right, top to bottom): ‘Ghost Papers’ by Julia Cheng (image credit Richard Moore), ‘Cloud Workers’ by Philip Stanier, ‘The Heap’ by Yasmin Sidhwa, ‘Luton Elbows’ by Stephen Whiting, ‘Breathing Series I’ by Rachel Cherry, ‘Cages Humming Birds after Ernst Haeckel’ by Gayle Storey, ‘Colours, Dance and Space, Body and Movement 2’ by Agnieszka Rebosz, Sung-Im Her in 'Mushroom' by Grace Ellen Barkey/Needcompany, ‘Behind Broken Glass’ by Sophie Gresswell, Four Faced Films logo