Our Sense of Place

So this is our place....our space...I can walk from my house to town with my eyes closed...but what fun would that be!?

What do you see in your place that I don't?

It is coming to the end of phase one of the Testbeds programme, I have met some fabulous people who have helped me and my project develop. Meeting creative's locally and further afield I have learnt an awful lot, but if I had to pick out one thing that has stuck with me thus far, it would be this. Luton needs it's sense of place now more than ever. People are Luton, we are a diverse town formed from personality, community and shared spaces...and whilst we grow we must hold on to each other...whilst we can evolve we must not loose sight of the roots that keep us grounded and altogether intertwined. During urbanisation, economic growth, rapid developments and potential gentrification...we must make sure evolution of the town revolves around our place...and does not become the place that others would prefer to see.





I have been developing 'People and Place' workshops with schools in Bedfordshire in order to engage pupils in local spaces. Students are introduced to the concept of public and interactive arts, and the transforming effect they can have on neglected spaces. Pupils are given interactive objects to play with and then asked to use these objects to come up with designs for their local community. 

So far pupils have discussed using mirror rooms in empty shop space to highlight homelessness and working with prisoners to create short films that promote rehabilitation, and projecting these films onto local public billboards.

I will be working on creating more workshops like these and bringing a public 'People and Place workshop' to Luton in order to work with local people, to discuss developing interactive artworks and have direct input on using artwork to develop spaces that local people feel connected to.