Mandala Theatre Company - developing our new project in Luton

I have finally had time to breathe and now that I have finished evaluating and reporting on our last project the tour of ‘Night Light’ by Nadia Davids, my focus is on the development of our next piece.

Mandala Theatre Residency at Modern Art Oxford. (Photograph by Stu Allsopp).

Mandala Theatre Residency at Modern Art Oxford. (Photograph by Stu Allsopp).



This always begins with research – if you are creating theatre that is about now, about things happening in our cities and towns and communities, you really need to find out about what others are thinking and feeling and what has been researched already.

Mandala’s ‘Dis-Connected’ Project

Our focus is on researching ‘Place, Identity and Belonging’ in relation to young people’s connection or disconnection to the communities they live in. The reasons and causes of Young people’s disconnection, the outcomes that this disconnection can lead to and why some young people manage to stay connected and others don't.


My participatory research will mainly focus on 3 places – Luton, Stockton-on-Tees and Woolwich, London. Places where there are diverse communities and also communities which are predominantly mono-cultures. We will be focusing on Schools, Colleges and Youth groups and involving the students in storytelling, drama and creative writing techniques to explore what they feel/ understand about their sense of place, identity and belonging in the communities they have grown up in.