Half way there...


We can't believe how quick this year is going and how soon our TestBeds experience will come to a finish. We're not sure how to accurately sum up the last few months as we've all been juggling several projects as well as this programme so we've decided to put together these faces to give you a slight idea:

Things have started to cool down though- that last face is probably a mutual expression for the three of us right now but despite the intensity of this year so far we're actually more inspired than ever after we:

Officially introduced ourselves as a company to a variety of local professionals including members from the council, potential sponsors and the university media department (hello collaboration)...
Finally shared excerpts from our developing script as well as visual and musical displays of our inspiration behind our first feature film.
Pitched an idea for our outreach programme (more information in future blogs) that was well received by our TestBeds family and the university outreach department. 
RECEIVED OUR FIRST ARTS COUNCIL FUNDING for an external project that we were all involved in- shout out to Celine and Imagine Luton!
Bought our company camera - thank you TestBeds stipend!
Realised that we have a lot to offer and are willing to make the necessary changes to move onwards and upwards and make things happen #GrassRootsLuton

Thank you to everyone that has supported Four Faced Films on our journey so far.
Special thank you to all our TestBeds family esp' these four women:

Michaela and Rae - for continuously helping us to help ourselves with spaces, connections and moral support. You're both amazing, thank you x

'Mama Helen' and Emma Payne - forever grateful for the new words we can keep adding to our must learn list. You both are incredibly eloquent and genuine towards us.
We're very inspired by you x

H E R E ' S  T O  T H E  N E X T  6  M O N T H S,
Four Faced Films