Four Faced Films. 2017, we're here.

    2017, we're here.   

Hey, we're Four Faced Films, a brand new Luton based production company who
are passionate about creating diverse and captivating stories.

So who are we? Well, Four Faced Films is founded by Four Faces (ironically), Josh, Charity,
Hannah & Addie. The company started over a couple of drinks down our local Wetherspoons
and boom, Four Faced Films was born, well something like that anyways. As 20 something
actors, directors, writers and producers we were fed up of not having enough creative work in
our local town, so we decided it was about time we started to make our own.   

We are super excited about our journey and development with Test Beds on the Artist Accelerator
scheme. We've already bonded with the other Creatives on this programme so we're eager to see
where these relationships will take us. 

Our plan for the next year is to build and develop our business both creatively and professionally.
 We'll be working with key partners in the town such as Luton Culture, UoB & Freelance Artist to
produce work that promotes growth in the company.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on our progress throughout the year, so make sure you keep an eye.

Coming soon,
Four Faced Films