Distorting Luton

Using the art of distortion to connect communities!





Distortion                 Art





I am Sophie Gresswell, a visual artist from Luton who lives and practices in the town. I create large portraits exploring distortion and representation. My project is based on exploring these themes using urban spaces around Luton!

Where are we?...Luton

         Whats Luton Like?....Google it...


...Oh dear!



...99 problems.

The one I've been looking into is the town's fast rate of urban development and the impact that has on the social cohesion, which has stagnated in the town.        

I want to work with developments to involve communities in public art improving local environments and connecting people.


Urbanisation and Identity

How does Luton's urban environment affect the people here?

Let's ask the internet!

What does Luton Look like? 

How does walking through Luton make you feel? 

 Does the place reflect the people?

Does Luton's urban environment ever affect your mental state?


Answers anyone? Comment, go on I dare you!


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