Diaries of a dancer: Week 4

Wednesday 22nd Feb 1 :53am

It’s been 4 weeks since Test Beds has started and already I have been commissioned to create outdoor work for the Imagine Luton festival for June 2017 with my female dance company House of Absolute www.houseofabsolute.com, check us out! It’s the first free outdoor festival of it’s kind for Luton and I’m super excited to develop my work Human Jukebox with improvisation, live music, musicians and dancers from a wide spectrum of disciplines- breakin’, house, waacking, contemporary and hip hop dancers to name a few.

I’ve had a crazy week…I’ve been at the Tate Modern for London Fashion Week wearing amazing clothes by OneByMe, a fresh fashion designer duo, rehearsed young people for a production of dance and singing, rehearsing at Sadler’s Wells with my company intensively in preparation for our show Warrior Queens in 2 days at The Place in London. Testbeds is also enabling me to learn an instrument as part of my research into using live music within my work. I’m not going to say what yet, but all will be revealed in due course!

Photo: Paige-Mary Goulding

Me working the garments in front of the Tate Modern Gallery which was the host for London Fashion Week 2017.


I’ll let you know how my show goes…in the meantime I need to catch some zzzz’s for tomorrow’s rehearsal!

Photo: Paul Hampartsoumian

The show that I'm working crazy hard on at the moment and this is just the beginning...