Diaries of a dancer

Dear Diary... Week 1

Testing testing one-two? Testing in Bedfordshire one-two? TESTBEDS!

I'm a pen and paper girl so sharing my experiences through my diaries seems fitting! Notebooks out. Brainstorm. Connect. Share. Enjoy!

I'm so excited to be a part of Testbeds as a selected dance artist - a new programme for creatives to develop new ideas and spread their artistic work in Bedfordshire as well as national and international platforms. 

Julia Cheng is my name and movement is my game. I'm a proud born and bred Lutonian. Yes, I said it, I'm proud of this town and where I've come from. Although I have worked mostly in based in London for the past 10 years, now is my 'back-to-roots' time, I know there are great artists in my hometown and I want to connect with you!

In a nutshell:  I'm Contemporary dance, I'm Hiphop, I'm Woman, I'm Chinese, I'm British, I'm Inspired, I'm a musical painting, I'm Yin, I'm Yang.

This week has been a pattern of yoga, training, classes, teaching, yoga , yoga and more yoga. I'm getting my body on form for my show in 3 weeks at The Place, nominated by Breakin' Convention, 'Warrior Queens' was performed at Sadler's Wells 2016 and I'm re-working the choreography for Friday 24th Feb! 

 I'm just getting started and for now, so check out my all-female company: www.houseofabsolute.com

Stay tuned for the next episode!