Creativity - Dance - Visual Arts

This blog is to share my findings, experience, and knowledge about my passion for Dance and Visual Arts. I feel strongly connected to what I do and through this way, I would love to connect with others who have strong interest towards Arts. I combine these two domains in order to gain new experience and cognitive skills, and this supports me in expanding my own artistic practice, thus I can organically grow as an artist. I hope anyone can find here something that might educate about various art forms, expand knowledge, go beyond the clichés of thinking.

Creativity -  skill worth the effort to develop

I often refer to the subject of creativity as one of the skills worth of discussion at a deeper level as it's the main topic which I devoted a considerable amount of my time. I am as much fascinated about this subject as I am interested in making art. I spend a lot of time reading about creativity and what truly means this word as I am extremely curious about the human potential of creation, exploration through artistic practices and playfulness.

Many adults think that creativity is the ability difficult to define so usually they assume that it is hard for them to find it in themselves. But creative thinking can improve through practicing, just as we exercise the muscles in the gym. If we do not execute the exercises, our muscles will atrophy. If we do not take care of developing creativity, it will gradually disappear.

I believe anyone can learn to be creative and in some sense, anyone can become an artist. I think mastering the ability of creative thinking is a kind of process. It is like learning to draw or play the guitar, and as any process, it requires thoroughness, perseverance, and regularity. This actually leads us to the conclusion that everyone can be originative, and if not, definitely everyone can learn it.

Anyone can become an artist and everyone can dance 

Why can everyone become an artist in their own way? Why has everyone the potential to create things that seem to be extremely difficult or even impossible from the point of view of someone who has never had an opportunity to explore hidden, forgotten or even unknown individual abilities?

The answer is quite simple: why not? why not try something that we always wanted to try?

I think it is worthwhile to try and do various activities that fascinate us, even if we could be just passive co-creators. It would be nice just, at least once, do not be an ordinary spectator, who admires other's works and wonders how human beings can create a wonderful creation, compositions, paintings, musical works or dance choreography.