Looking forward to the journey!

I’m really interested in the role of music as a tool for enabling creativity and cohesion in societies, especially in “super diverse” towns and cities such as Luton, and this is one of the strands I will be developing through TestBeds.

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David Murphy
Reflections on Alan Courtis Workshop at Pyramid of Arts, Leeds. March 2018.

Last weekend I took part in a workshop at Pyramid of Arts for musicians with and without learning disabilities, led by Alan Courtis.  Alan is an Argentinian experimental musician and composer, best known as a member of ‘free rock’ band Reynols, whose drummer-singer Miguel Tomasin has Downs Syndrome. This blog post documents and reflects on the experience. 

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A Portrait of Luton

What would Luton look like if it were human? What would an urban place, demolished, rebuilt, simultaneously ridiculed and loved, look like...how would we come to decide? As part of an outreach project I worked with local sixth form students and the University of Bedfordshire's school of Psychology to explore these questions and create an image which represents their view of Luton's identity.

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