testbeds arts enterprise zone will provide Luton-based artists at all stages of their careers the opportunity to access a needs-driven hub for knowledge-exchange and creative enterprise development


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The testbeds arts enterprise zone is a needs-driven programme of training and skills-development opportunities designed to help people that work or volunteer in Luton in the arts, culture or creative sectors to increase their capacity to thrive in whatever they do.

We recently asked the Luton creative community to tell us what they wanted from the arts enterprise zone. A summary of what was said and what we will offer is below. If you would like to contribute to the enterprise zone programme, contact us and tell us what you would like to see offered. 


you told us what you wanted

We asked the Luton arts community to tell us what was needed from our training programme.  Here is what you said: 

  • You want practical help with completing funding bids and approaching funders.
  • You want development in strategic thinking, leadership skills and business planning.
  • You want help with professional resilience, particularly in sustaining outreach work and partnerships.
  • You want to build networks across different artistic and creative disciplines.

this is what we delivered in 2017:

September 2017: Practical help with completing funding bids
Access to specialised help in completing funding bids, including the opportunity to book one-to-one advice with arts funding experts.

November 2017: A Sense of Place conference, network building
Interdisciplinary sessions with other creatives, where you can build connections and collaborative partnerships. 

this is what we will deliver in 2018:

Sharing work in progress: Why we share work, how we can evaluate it and how it can help us build audiences and engage funding bodies and investors.

Engaging with different sections of the community: How to demonstrate your partnerships and navigate making new connections.

Professional resilience: Training in developing and sustaining partnerships from the University of Bedfordshire and sector experts.

Development in strategic thinking: Presentations from industry experts on strategic and business planning, offering practical advice for furthering your professional sustainability.

And more. Please let us know what else you would like to see included in the enterprise zone. 


testbeds arts enterprise zone is a flexible programme that will respond to the needs of the creative community in Luton

If you have suggestions for training, resources or opportunities that would enhance your creative capacity, please get in touch. This programme is for, by and with the people of Luton, so make it your own.

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