testbeds arts enterprise zone will provide Luton-based artists at all stages of their careers the opportunity to access a needs-driven hub for knowledge-exchange and creative enterprise development


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The TestBeds Arts Enterprise Zone is a needs-driven programme of training and skills-development opportunities designed to help people that work or volunteer in Luton in the arts, culture or creative sectors to increase their capacity to thrive in whatever they do.

We recently asked the Luton creative community to tell us what they wanted from the Arts Enterprise Zone. A report on what was said will be available soon. In the meantime, if you would like to contribute to the Enterprise Zone programme, contact us and tell us what you would like to see offerred. 


• access to bid-writing surgeries will provide expert advice, feedback and training to increase funding and income-generation to artists and cultural organisations in Luton

panel discussions and networking sessions will develop a cohesive creative community in Luton and widen artists' networks for support & collaboration

co-working sessions will allow creative professionals at all stages of their careers the opportunity to share desk space, talk through ideas and combat the isolation that freelancers often face


testbeds arts enterprise zone is a flexible project that will respond to the needs of the creative community in Luton

If you have suggestions for training, resources or opportunities that would enhance your creative capacity, please get in touch. This programme is for, by and with the people of Luton, so make it your own.

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