testbeds application faqs


When do applications for testbeds open?
Applications open on the 14th November 2017.


How long are applications for testbeds open?
The applications are open for one calendar month, closing on the 14th December 2017.


How do I apply for testbeds?
You can apply through our guided application survey, which you can access on the application page for either Artist Accelerator or Catalyst Co-Lab.


How many artists are you taking on as part of testbeds?
We will be taking on eight Artist Accelerators and four Catalyst Co-Lab artists. 


I am part of a company/collective. Can the collective apply?
Yes, we welcome applications from companies, organisations or collectives. However we ask that all members are available to attend all scheduled testbeds sessions.


I’m not sure which programme is right for me. Can you help?
We can. We are happy to arrange a meeting, either over the phone or face-to-face, where we can discuss whether testbeds is right for you. Please get in touch.


Can I talk through my ideas for Artist Accelerator or Catalyst Co-Lab with anybody?
Yes, you can arrange a face-to-face meeting. Please get in touch.


Do I have to do all of the application at once?
No. You can save your application and come back to it.


Can I apply with a CV?
As part of the application survey we will ask you to attach your artistic CV, however we cannot accept any applications that are not made through the application form. This is to ensure we capture the same level of information from each candidate, to ensure we are fair in how we assess submissions.


The application form is not accessible for me. Is there any way I can still apply?
Yes. In circumstances where the ability to do the application form online is at odds with accessibility needs, we can work out another way of processing the application that will work for and with the applicant. Please get in touch to talk about some options.


The application form isn’t working – what do I do?
Please get in touch with Rae at rae.leaver@beds.ac.uk as soon as possible and let her know what is at fault.


I need help with my application. What can I do?
If your concern is with whether the programme is right for you, or anything to do with your idea for the programme, we recommend you get in touch for a meeting. If you are worried about the application process and are applying for Artist Accelerator, we will be running an application workshop where we go through the process of applying. You can also book in to a one-to-one consultation on that day.


When is the Artist Accelerator application workshop?
We will be announcing the date shortly. Please sign up to our mailing list for more information.


I’ve submitted my application before it was done. Can I get it back?
Please get in touch with rae.leaver@beds.ac.uk and she will help. Unfortunately, we will not be able to recall and resubmit any applications after the deadline except in case of technical fault with the application form.


I’ve submitted my application. When can I expect to hear from you?
We will be in touch before the end of 2017.