TestBeds Catalyst artist Phillip Stanier in 'I talk to the trees but they don't listen to me' an outdoor piece in Luton's Hightown ©Rachel Cherry


installations & exhibitions


installation: small talk

Has the Internet and social media got something to do with the spread of non-vocal communication? Is our imagination true to reality? This interactive installation by artist Gayle Storey opens this opportunity to re-engage the public through converse.


more than 100 stories

The collection is built around ten key themes: confidence, decision-making, failure, language, local, partnership, people, taste, time and trust, which arose out of the artists’ period of research. Created by writer Sarah Butler and artist Nicole Mollett, this work comes from conversations, observations and visits to the 21 Creative People and Places projects across England.


exhibition: exhibition: the south bedfordshire pictorial

Using photographic documentation, artist and curator Stephen Whiting works closely with some of the more idiosyncratic traders of his home town, recording their methods of work, the factories and retail spaces they occupy, capturing the unique fabric of the locality. The work offers a debate on the gains and losses of the gentrification process, and functions as a visual assessment of what there is here in terms of richness of culture, and what the culture stands to lose or gain in the process of commercial improvement.